• [X] resize
  • [X] add help page
  • [X] implement ncmpc like 123 controls
  • [X] add missing files page


  • [X] fix rendering, redraw multiple lists, not just the currently selected
  • [X] use native wscrl function of ncurses
  • [-] search (/, n, px)
    • [X] = true
    • [X] handle searchMode keys
    • [X] handle utf8
    • [X] iterate over all lis and check for a string
    • [X] quit on enter → or q ESC
    • [X] n = next
    • [X] p = previous
  • [X] update on server-event
  • [X] set wallpaper when hovered (use curlMulti + offset to avoid lag in selection)


  • [X] add scrolling
  • [X] add chapter navigation
  • [X] add sub/audio settings
  • [X] add release group preference setting
  • [X] add http link dropdown for remote-id setting
  • [X] update on server-event
  • [X] set wallpaper when activated

Player controls

  • [X] toggle pause

stop using hard buffer sizes and dynamicly allocate them